Julian Perez developed his love for electronic music during the early 90’s heavily influenced by the music coming out of US and UK. He’s recognized amongst his peers as a unique and diverse DJ. His personal style and approach to DJing can be summarized in four simple words: dedication, discernment, respect and patience.

Julian released his first record in 2010 and before long it became clear that the next logical step was to launch his own label. Thus, ” Fathers & Sons Productions ” was born… A strictly vinyl-only label which he founded with a friend in 2012. This, provided Julian a platform to push his sound worldwide and within a short of period time.

With label showcases in more than twelve different countries in the first year and a solid output catalog, the label gained international exposure with the likes of the most respected artists on the scene. Showing full support in the clubs by playing his productions on his own record labels and in others such as Cocoon Recordings, Raum..Musik and Subwax Bcn.

To date, every release has sold out in the first days of sales; testiment to Julian’s impeccable taste in House & Techno production as well as having a good ear for spotting new and interesting artists.

Fathers & Sons number twelve closed a chapter with his first solo album ” Solemnity “. A 2×12” vinyl release highlighting Perez’s attention to detail and the evolution of style & window to the artist’s dedication to his craft showing ability to create honest sound.

2017 was the year when his fresh own project ” Girada Unlimited “ was launched and quickly gained the attention of the real crate diggers. A vinyl-only label already heavily supported before even knowing who was behind it. The tenth release of the label comes as Julian’s second album “ Break-Even ” in 2021 and right after a solid series of records by Julian among other producers.

Perez has acquired an impressive international reputation, playing in the most relevant festivals such as Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Outline in Moscow, Sunwaves in Romania, Epizode in Vietnam, BPM Festival in Mexico and hosting his own events during Sonar Week in Barcelona, Kazantip Festival in Crimea, Winter Music Conference in Miami and in some of the finest underground parties and frequently in essential clubs worldwide like Rex in Paris, Fabric in London, Womb in Tokyo and Robert Johnson in Offenbach just to name a few, showing not only him as a label boss, but as an independent artist.
He’ s been nominated as best artist on 2012 and 2013 by Vicious Music Awards and on newcomer category by DJ Awards in 2016.

Julian has been a regular at Underground Ibiza club since years, hosting his own nights over the summer season. Besides that, he’s been invited frequently to Richie Hawtin’s ENTER. at Space and to Sven Vath’s Cocoon Ibiza.

The best to enjoy Julian is to listen to him live on the dancefloor… from technique to record selection in his own world behind the decks.


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Julian Perez GIRADA10 / Break-Even LP (2 x 12″) Girada Unlimited 2021
Julian Perez FAS012 / Solemnity LP (2 x 12″) Fathers & Sons Productions / 2016


Julian Perez RWX04 / Off The Beaten Tracks EP (12″) Rawax / 2019
Julian Perez & Franco Cinelli GIRADA06 / 3 Days EP (12″) Girada Unlimited / 2019
Girada Unlimited 7/x / Where’s Daff? EP (12″) Cure Music / 2018
Julian Perez GIRADA05 / Camina o Revienta EP (12″) Girada Unlimited / 2018
Julian Perez GIRADA03 / A Raw Belief EP (12″) Girada Unlimited / 2018
Julian Perez GIRADA01 / GIRADA MAX EP (12″) Girada Unlimited / 2017
Julian Perez MUSIK096 / Now, After (12″) Raum…musik / 2016
Julian Perez SUBWAX BCN 1205 / Sputnik EP (12″) Subwax Bcn / 2016
Julian Perez FAS010 (12″) Fathers & Sons Productions / 2015
ROSS 248 FAS009 (12″) Fathers & Sons Productions / 2015
Julian Perez DRUMMA010 / Unknown Source (12″) Drumma Records / 2014
Julian Perez FAS007.2 (12″) Fathers & Sons Productions / 2014
Julian Perez FAS007.1 (12″) Fathers & Sons Productions / 2013
Julian Perez REV001 / Royal Token EP (12″) Recycle Records / 2013
Julian Perez ANR010 / The Corridor EP (12″, Digital) Act Natural Records / 2012
Julian Perez FAS003 (12″) Fathers & Sons Productions / 2012
Julian Perez VIVALTD014 / Prominently EP (12″, Digital) VIVa MUSiC Limited / 2012
Julian Perez REC098 / Deep Craziness EP (Digital) Recycle / 2012
Julian Perez LPD028 / Troops In The Hood EP (Digital) Lowpitch / 2011
Julian Perez LPD025 / Lights Down EP (Digital) Lowpitch / 2010
Julian Perez REC079 / Nelipot EP (Digital) Recycle / 2010


Various Artists AR052.2 / Espectrum 2, EP2 (12″) Avantroots / 2021
Livio & Roby LP008 / Phantom Circle (12″, Digital) Desolat / 2016
Various Artists ZEHN Mixed by Chris Tietjen (Digital) Cocoon Recordings / 2015
Various Artists FAS008 (12″) Fathers & Sons Productions / 2014
Various Artists Cocoon Compilation N (12″, Digital) Cocoon Recordings / 2014
Various Artists FAS006 (12″) Fathers & Sons Productions / 2013
Various Artists BAL008D / Balance023 Mixed y Radio Slave (Digital) Balance Music / 2013
Various Artists SAVORDIGI007 / Delicias (Digital) Savor Music / 2013
Various Artists VIVa100 / La Familia (Digital) VIVa MUSiC / 2013
Various Artists CADCD11SB / Vagabundos 2013 Part 2 Vinyl Sampler (12″) Cadenza / 2013
Various Artists BAODIG007 / Tools For School Vol. 4 (Digital) Be As One / 2012
Various Artists FAS001 (12″) Fathers & Sons Productions / 2012
Various Artists TZH020 / Underground House Music 003 (Digital) Tzinah Records / 2012
Various Artists LEFT026 / The Summer Soundtrack (12″, Digital) Leftroom / 2011
Various Artists LEFT024 / The Extended Family Part 2 (12″, Digital) Leftroom / 2011
Various Artists LPD026 / Three Years Of Lowpitch (Digital) Lowpitch / 2011
Various Artists LEFT’D 003 (Digital) LEFT’D (Leftroom) / 2010
Various Artists TWOBIRDS1D / Two Birds Midsummer Digits Vol. 1 (Digital) Two.Birds / 2010
Various Artists LPD020 / Lowpitch Sampler A (Digital) Lowpitch / 2010


D&S REV016 / Unplait (Julian Perez Remix) (12″) Recycle Records / 2021
Nick Beringer BERGALTD02 / Here And There (Julian Perez Remix) (12″) Berg Audio / 2018
Loquace EXTZ003V / Not So True (Julian Perez Remix) (12″, Digital) Extravaganza / 2014
Whodafuck FK007 / Naviglio Dub (Julian Perez Remix) (Digital) Fontek / 2011
Bruno Nasty MTR019 / From Spain (Julian Perez Remix) (Digital) Microtech / 2011